Why Your Company Needs Crime Insurance

A company of any size should be insured to protect itself in the event of a lawsuit filed by a customer, employee or another person. It’s just smart business. One area you may not think of is theft or security breaches caused by employees. They can be damaging and expensive and they do happen.

Incidents of Employee Theft

You may feel you would never have to file crime insurance claims. You can trust your employees. That may be the case, but however small, the risk is there and it only takes one incident to cause enough damage to cripple your finances. The FBI has found that one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country is employee theft.

Examples of Employee Theft

They are many ways for employees to steal company assets. There have been cases of employees entrusted with a company credit card using it to make personal purchases. Likewise, an employee who is in charge of a company account can access those funds. Companies have discovered that over time, an employee with that power has stolen huge sums of money a little at a time.

Trust in your employees is important to running a successful corporation. But so is protecting your assets. Consider having coverage. You’ll have peace of mind even if you never have to file crime insurance claims.