What Is Host Liquor Liability Compared to Liquor Liability?

When an establishment serves alcohol, it faces a unique set of liability risks. Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol are responsible for the actions of their patrons. If guests are intoxicated and harm another person or cause damage to property, the business could be responsible. This also applies to businesses that do not serve alcohol but allow its consumption on the premises.

If you allow people to drink on your company’s property, you may need host liquor liability insurance.

What Is Liquor Liability?

Liquor liability insurance is for companies that sell alcohol. You may purchase liquor liability on its own or with other liability insurances. It covers any legal expenses or the cost of settlements if someone were to cause injury or damage on your property. This type of insurance is for businesses that manufacture, sell or distribute alcohol.

What Is Host Liquor Liability?

If you have a restaurant, a venue or if you host social events where you allow people to bring alcohol, then you may need host liquor liability insurance instead. This insurance does not cover alcohol that you sell, but damages that occur while a person is drinking alcohol on your premises.

If you hold large social gatherings at your venue, restaurant or business where patrons can drink alcohol, you have to protect yourself against those risk exposures.