Understanding Medicare Coverage of Home Care

Your healthcare plan can be complicated, even with Medicare. Many people ask, “Is home health care covered by Medicare?” To understand your coverage, it is important to know the conditions and limitations of your plan before you begin treatment.

Conditions for Medicare Coverage

Before discussing what Medicare actually covers, it’s pertinent to know the conditions that must be met before your care can be covered. These circumstances include the following:

  • A home health certificate signed by a physician
  • The patient is homebound and requires significant help to leave the home
  • Skilled care is necessary for the patient
  • An agency certified by Medicare provides care for the patient

Aspects Medicare Covers

After meeting the requirements for home health care, there are limits to what is covered by Medicare. For example, Medicare does not cover prescriptions, meal deliveries and 24-hour care. However, the following is a list of things Medicare does cover:

  • Services from skilled nursing experts
  • Occupational, speech and physical therapy
  • Some medical supplies and equipment
  • Social services including counseling

Medicare Coverage for Home Health

So, is home health care covered by Medicare? The answer is yes it is, but only under certain conditions as set forth by Medicare. You can check to see if Medicare covers your situation by comparing your policy against the requirements.