Truck Drivers and Long Hours

Since truck drivers cover long distances for each assignment, the amount of hours they work is typically more than the average American. Many people often ask how many hours do truck drivers work as they see these trucks passing by. Well, the trucking industry enlisted something referred to as duty periods, and it explains how long drivers can work per day. Based on the duty period guidelines, truck drivers can work up to fourteen hours per period. However, after driving for ten hours, the driver is required to take a break that lasts at least thirty minutes.

Duty Periods

Duty periods protect both truck drivers and other passengers on the road because an exhausted truck driver is an incredible danger to all travelers. At times, truck drivers can work seven-day stretches but must have at least thirty-four hours of rest before they begin another seven-day working period. So, for those asking how many hours do truck driver work per duty period, fourteen is generally the rule of thumb. However, if a driver is starting and finishing in the same area for one assignment, they are permitted to work a total of sixteen hours in one day. These extenuating circumstances are only allowed once per period through to ensure truckers are well-rested before operating a truck.