Top Three Insurance Coverages For Small Businesses

Are you looking for a Bergen County insurance professional? As you go through your search, be careful not to settle for the one offering the lowest premiums. A good agency will be able to customize their offerings to meet your business needs. To help you in your search, here are three key coverages that you should be sure to ask about including in your new policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability serves as a “catch-all” coverage in case a lawsuit is brought against you by a third party claiming that they sustained bodily injury or property damage because of your business. Your policy will cover the fees for your legal representation as well as any damages for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability is coverage against cases where a third party claims to have experienced a loss because of an error on your part. It’s known as malpractice insurance in the healthcare industry, but it’s a key coverage for other small business owners as well.

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects you in case of an unplanned event such as a fire, storm, theft or vandalism. It covers the cost to repair or replace your business property including your building, furniture, decorations, equipment, computer and data.

You may also need coverages like workers’ compensation if you have employees. Your Bergen County insurance agent will be able to craft your perfect policy once they understand your business’ needs.