Three Insurance Coverage Options For Truckers

As a trucking company, you face a number of risks not encountered by other companies. Whether your truck is on the road or you’re sitting in your office, the possibility of an unfortunate encounter is always present. To protect your investment against such risks, you must be sure to carry an appropriate level of insurance. While there are many coverage options, here are three that you should be sure to include in your policy.

Truck Liability Insurance

This is likely to be the most expensive part of your policy due to the fact that the most risk you’ll face is during your routes. In case you’re responsible for any accidents that lead to a third party suffering an injury or property damage, your policy would cover any expenses associated with making that individual whole.

General Liability Trucking Insurance

It’s possible for accidents to happen even if you’re not on the road. For example, if a visitor suffers an injury on your premises and files a lawsuit, you’ll need general liability coverage to cover any legal fees and damages that you may be required to pay.

Cargo Insurance

Aside from your drivers, protecting the cargo you’re transporting is the most important part of your business. With this coverage, you’ll be able to protect yourself against any damaged or lost cargo while they’re en route, per

Other coverages such as pollution liability and property insurance are also necessary components of sound policy. Work with your agent to craft a policy that’s appropriate for your needs.