The Fundamentals You Need To Know About Warehouse Insurance Policy Coverage

If you own or operate a warehouse, understanding the fundamentals of warehouse insurance coverage is a critical component in keeping your workplace safe and protected. Warehouses come with numerous risks, depending on the type of items you store, the work environment and more, so having the right coverage is essential.

Tailor Your Coverage Based on the Specifics of Your Warehouse

When shopping for a warehouse insurance policy, be sure to tailor your coverage to the specifics of your workhouse. For instance, your insurance agent may ask you informational questions such as:

  • Do you own or rent your warehouse space?
  • What water, temperature and fire controls does your warehouse currently have in place?
  • What types of materials or items are usually stored in your warehouse?
  • What is the overall market value of all the items stored in your warehouse?
  • Do workers operate vehicles inside the space?

Ensure Your Coverage Includes Several Key Products

Whichever type of policy you end up choosing, make sure your coverage encompasses critical areas such as workers’ compensation, legal liability and more. It may be a good idea to include:

  • Warehouse legal liability
  • General liability coverage
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto coverage
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Business interruption compensation
  • Commercial property coverage
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Product recall coverage
  • Cyber liability
  • Equipment breakdown

For warehouses of all sizes, warehouse insurance coverage is the key to mitigating common risk factors in the workplace. Review these fundamentals as you shop for your coverage.