The Advantage of Liquor Liability Insurance

If you own an establishment where liquor is served to customers, you may need to take more precautions than most businesses.  This is where liquor liability insurance comes in.  This type of insurance provides protection against injuries and damages caused by an overly intoxicated individual.  It can cover legal fees, settlements, and even medical costs.

Protection Against Third-Party Bodily Injury

If a customer gets overly intoxicated at your business and injures another patron, this can result in a lot of costs that you will ultimately be responsible for.  You may need to pay for immediate medical expenses or even legal expenses in situations where the injured patron decides to sue your business.  Liquor liability insurance can cover both the immediate medical expenses and the legal fees, preventing you from having to cover them out of pocket.

Protection Against Third-Party Property Damage

Another scenario that is surprisingly common is when a patron becomes intoxicated at your business and then goes on to damage someone else’s property.  In many cases, you would be liable for covering the expenses associated with this damage.  Luckily, liquor liability insurance can cover these costs as well.

Owning a bar or tavern can be an extremely lucrative business opportunity but does not come without risks.  Having good liquor liability insurance can go a long way towards helping your business run more smoothly.