Saying “I Do” To Protecting Your Wedding Business

The wedding industry is big business. The marriage ceremony marks a major milestone in the lives of two people who have decided to solemnize their union. From wedding planners to dressmakers to caterers and more, there are many like you who have built a business out of helping couples to make the most out of their special day. There’s nothing quite like a plan coming together according to the wishes of the happy couple. What exposures could there be that would make having wedding business insurance a necessity? 

Protecting Your Business

Life can be strange and often things don’t go according to plan, despite best efforts. Various situations can directly impact your ability to fulfill wedding day services, such as the following:

  • Lost or damaged wedding attire
  • Extreme weather events that force cancellation
  • Sudden illness
  • Insurance requirements of a particular venue
  • Liability for liquor served at a reception

Some changes to the plan can result in unrecoverable losses. Having wedding business insurance can help cover these losses, which sometimes put strains on your business.

Having a Plan

When it comes to coverage, no two businesses are the same. A wedding photographer doesn’t have to worry about someone getting sick from food. A baker doesn’t have to worry about damage to film and other photography equipment. Both businesses may be impacted by wedding day shenanigans and mishaps. Protect your business with a tailored plan from the right insurer today.