Risk Management in Social Work

Social workers that are employed by both independent nonprofits and public entities have an enormous responsibility to their clients. An agency manager has to do everything reasonably possible to support social workers in their roles while also safeguarding both the agency and its workers against risk.

Training Initiatives

Strategies for risk management in social work should start with comprehensive training for staff. It’s essential that you train staff about how to maintain a safe environment while serving clients as well as addressing clients’ needs effectively.

Create Policies About Documentation

Social workers and case managers need to document their client interactions well. A record of service provision can be a valuable resource for future reference to ensure continuity in service, and it may be important evidence in the event that you have to contend with a liability claim.

Maintain Comprehensive Insurance

General liability insurance may not encompass all of an agency’s liability exposure. You need to be sure that you understand your policy’s exclusions and coverage levels. It may be advisable to review your professional liability needs with an expert.

For help with risk management, reach out to an insurance company that’s experienced in working with clients in the health and human services industry. It can offer guidance about general risk management resources and also help you evaluate what coverages you need.