Reduce Golf Course Risks With Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance at your golf course keeps your facility in top condition and makes it enticing to your customers. Maintenance is also critical to reduce the risk of harm to clients and staff. While there is no simple answer to creating a comprehensive schedule, there are some great tips to steer you in the right direction.

Establish a Maintenance Schedule

The first step in developing a golf course maintenance plan is to identify all areas that require upkeep. Walk around the facility to identify any potential fall risks and other pitfalls. 

Decide approximately how long each task will take and determine how frequently each job should be completed. Include your maintenance employees in the decision-making process because they have the expertise to make good calculations. 

For tasks that require outside assistance, research local vendors to find top-quality candidates. Make sure your choices will be available when you need their help.

Train Your Maintenance Staff

The only way a quality maintenance schedule can be successfully implemented is to have a well-trained maintenance staff. Make sure each employee is qualified to complete the tasks of the job. When necessary, employ outside support in the training process to ensure the work is done correctly.

Reduce the risks at your golf course with a comprehensive routine maintenance schedule.