Protections for the Aid Providers

The work of running a non-profit is usually left to a board of directors. These individuals who work as financial and strategic counselors should inform the agency about the need for carrying a strong nonprofit insurance plan. As seen on, accidents or injuries that occur through the operations of a nonprofit can be just as damaging as those that occur with any regular public sector job. In fact, almost 90% of the accidents and injuries that are reported deal with slips, falls, trips, and vehicle injury.
Even though the company mission and purpose might differ from that of a retail store or financial institution, the liabilities and risks associated with operations are often the same. As such, nonprofit ventures should consider carrying general liability, hired and non-owned auto, and errors and omissions coverage. Reasons for these coverage areas include:

Property damage occurs at a fundraising event held on a leased venue.
A person is injured when visiting your office location.
An employee gets into an accident delivering event flyers or picking up the supplies.
An incident occurs where the claimant has laid negligence, inaction, or discrimination against an employee of the company.

Nonprofit policies are not much different from the coverage plans of other organizations, but the specific details and limits or deductibles might vary. Because of the liabilities present, it is highly recommended that each of these areas is addressed through your package or plan.