Protecting Your Business From a Ransomware Attack

Cybersecurity is becoming an ever more pressing concern every year, especially for companies in the healthcare sector. Due to the sensitive patient information held by clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals, they are frequently targeted by online fraudsters. In recent years, nursing home ransomware attack incidents have become more and more common as criminals attempt to hold data systems themselves hostage for a payday.

Electronic Fraud Insurance for Nursing Homes

Ransomware and other cybersecurity risks are commonly covered by crime and fraud insurance within limits, but companies like nursing homes frequently need extended cybersecurity protection to avoid overtaxing a general crime or fraud policy. Protection from online fraud is important, and in many cases, it can bring significantly more exposure than most common forms of on-site crime. Extending your cybersecurity risk coverage is good business for any company at risk of a ransomware attack, but healthcare companies bear an additional level of liability due to legal protections that have been extended to patient information.

Get a Quote on Coverage To Suit Your Business

Whether you are looking to totally update your crime insurance to extend the coverage you have for online fraud or you’re looking to add an extended policy to an existing liability and risk insurance framework, it helps to start by talking to a professional. Looking at quotes for each option gives you a chance to weigh the costs and benefits while asking questions about the fine print in each policy. Get started today to have protection from a nursing home ransomware attack in place by tomorrow.