Protect Your Business with Premises Liability Insurance

All businesses should have premises liability coverage as a part of their commercial insurance package, and it’s especially important for businesses that have customers come to their physical location. Even businesses that keep their premises in very good condition may be subject to a wide variety of premises liability claims.

Liability for Negligence

When a person is injured on a business’s property, he or she may bring a claim based on negligence. In all negligence actions, claimants must show that the defendant breached a duty of care that caused them to suffer an injury. In the context of premises liability, a claimant will need to show that a defendant failed to maintain the property in a safe condition thereby causing his or her injuries.

Claim Scenarios

Premises liability can encompass many different types of situations in which a person is injured:

  •       Slip and falls due to hazardous conditions
  •       Falling objects
  •       Inadequate security
  •       Fires
  •       Elevator entrapments
  •       Equipment malfunction
  •       Parking lot accidents

Defending a claim for personal injury based on premises liability can be very complicated, and a damage award or settlement agreement could be considerable. Safeguard your business by getting guidance from a provider who is experienced in serving businesses in your area and can provide key insight into selecting policy limits.