Protect Your Business with Home Inspector Insurance

Home inspectors conduct thorough investigations of homes for people looking to buy and sell property. Unfortunately, even the slightest mistake or perceived mistake can result in a lawsuit. In order to protect your business, it’s essential to have errors and omissions insurance for home inspectors.

The Importance of E&O Insurance

This type of insurance protects inspectors against claims of negligence, misrepresentation and non-disclosure of information, among other things. Not only may you be liable for paying legal and settlement fees if the judge rules in favor of your client, but your reputation could also be damaged. That’s why it’s important for home inspectors to have error and omission, or E&O, insurance. This insurance covers the following:

  • Legal fees
  • Settlements
  • Judgments awarded

A professional service provider is at great risk of an insurance claim simply because of the nature of the work. To mitigate the risk involved in your business, and to protect yourself and your employees, it’s important to choose the right insurance policy that gives you adequate coverage.

Protection for Your Company

Inspecting homes for prospective homeowners is a tough job with many liability risks. For protection against lawsuits, get errors and omissions insurance for home inspectors. That way, you can make sure you are safe in the event that someone files a claim.