Properly Protect Your Craft Brewery With These Tips

In the last decade, the popularity of the craft beverage has risen exponentially. While running a company that specializes in craft beers means that you are appealing to a niche audience, it also means that you need to think extra hard when it comes to your insurance. Since the products you provide don’t fall under standard insurance policies, you will often need to go above and beyond to protect your company from the unknown. Review these points to learn more about your options.

How To Insure a Niche Business

When reviewing insurance coverages for craft breweries, it is best to think about the standard policy options available to you. For one, general liability is a must. This covers all of the basic aspects of keeping your business operational. However, you want to dive deeper than this. Workers’ compensation and employee benefit packages are a must, as are any options related to the equipment used to create your concoctions. Other insurance points you should be sure to review include:

  • D&O coverage
  • Commercial auto options
  • Errors and omissions liability policies

Protect Your Assets

Though running a craft brewery can be a financially rewarding endeavor, you still need to think about how to best protect your company and its assets. Review your insurance options and see what steps you need to take to get started.