Planned Responses to Cyber Breaches

A cyber breach can be a near-catastrophic event for any type of business. Unfortunately, no companies are safe from the ever-present threat of cybercrime. They need to have their guard up at all times and be ready to mount a rapid response at the first indication of a breach. Establishing a comprehensive cyber breach response plan gives businesses a playbook that they can follow in order to restore security as quickly as possible.

Isolate the Source of the Breach

When a cybercriminal infiltrates a network or compromises data, businesses need to conclusively determine how that unauthorized access occurred. Locating the vulnerability enables IT administrators to close it off and take steps to prevent a recurrence.

Notify Affected Parties

If a company loses customers’ personal or financial information in a data breach, it must take reasonable steps to send notice to anyone who may have been affected. Send any notice promptly makes it possible for individuals to take remedial measures if necessary. Customers may have to change various passwords or alert credit reporting agencies in order to prevent identity theft.

Proactive planning can mitigate business’ potential liability and loss. Having a plan in place and setting aside resources to manage the aftermath of a breach are important steps that businesses must take to reduce their risk exposure.