ow Ship Repairers Insurance Protects Your Business

The maritime industry is an essential component of the national economy. Accordingly, businesses in the industry face unique risks — ranging from standard liability concerns applicable to all industries, to industry-specific hazards, like inclement weather and severe storms. 

For individuals and businesses in the ship repair business, ship repairers insurance is essential to safeguard your business, clients, and workers.

What Does Ship Repairers Insurance Cover?

Risks specific to a given ship repairer may depend on the specific industry serviced. Businesses focusing on repairing military vessels, for instance, may have distinct liabilities from those serving individual leisure-oriented clients.

Still, there are a number of hazards common to the industry as a whole, ranging from dangerous weather or climate conditions, to employee injury, to potential damage during a sea trial. 

Ship repairers insurance offers a range of property, liability, and employee coverage, including:

  • General liability, protection and indemnity, and legal liability coverage
  • Boat show and exhibition coverage
  • Coverage for wharves or docks
  • Coverage for loss of business income
  • Pollution coverage
  • Workers compensation and health insurance coverage

This is only a small sampling of the coverages that make up a comprehensive ship repairers insurance policy. Speaking to an experienced insurer can help you create a policy to effectively protect your financial investment, as well as your clients and workers.