Now’s the Time to Buy Grower’s Insurance

The meaning of the word “essential” has changed drastically in only a few months, and one such industry that seems to be up in the air is the cannabis industry. Since things are so uncertain right now, it’s a better time than ever to invest in cannabis insurance.

What is Offered?

There are plenty of different services covered beyond what this list can entail, but if you’re a grower then what you care about most is the cannabis growers insurance aspect. The packages will vary in feature and price, so remember that all insurance plans are not created equal. Also, it’s worth noting whether or not outdoor plants are covered or if it is only indoor greenhouses. Growers insurance offers things like:

  • Power failures to fans or heaters in greenhouses
  • Crop damage, including seedlings, flowering, and harvest plants
  • Theft or damage from fires/natural disasters

If you have no idea where to even start looking, CannGen Insurance Services is a great resource. Rather than worry about the state of your crops if something were to happen to them (especially during such a weird time in the world), buy yourself peace of mind in the form of cannabis insurance. Is it worth the risk of having no coverage and your constant nagging worry?