Minimizing the Effects of Heat on EV Batteries

While you may already know that batteries struggle in cold weather, you may not realize that the effects of heat are just as serious. In many cases, heat can be a bigger problem. It leads to battery drain and can shorten the life expectancy of even high-quality batteries. This is of particular concern to many electric vehicle drivers. Here’s a quick look at EV performance in heat and what you can do to minimize complications.

How Heat Affects Vehicle Batteries

The biggest impact of heat on EV batteries is the reduction of driving range. This is a direct result of faster chemical reactions within the battery caused by higher temperatures. Another issue EV drivers may notice is a longer charge time.

Ways To Reduce the Impact

You can’t do anything about extreme temperatures, but you do have some control over how it impacts your electric vehicle and driving habits. Consider using the following strategies to better manage battery power in hot weather:

  • Limit air conditioner use
  • Charge your vehicle more frequently
  • Carefully monitor charge levels

As temperatures increase in many places, more people will become aware of the effect of heat on EVs. Careful use and monitoring of battery levels can help you avoid a problem situation.