Keep Your IT Business Safe With a Liability Insurance Package

If you own an information technology company, you understand the many risks involved in doing business. As technological knowledge increases, these risks become even greater. That’s why it is essential to invest in a comprehensive liability insurance package.

Types of Liability Coverage

IT business insurance addresses a wide range of liability concerns. You can purchase stand-alone policies or combine several policies into one cohesive liability package. Listed below are some of the coverage options that are important to technology companies.

  • General liability covers claims made by clients or other visitors who are injured or suffer property damage from visiting your facility.
  • Cyber liability insurance is essential to protect against lost or stolen information.
  • Product liability protection covers claims made by unhappy customers against your products.
  • Intellectual property insurance is critical to protect your patents, trade secrets and copyrights. It provides you with the necessary financial help to seek restitution against those who infringe on your intellectual property.
  • Errors and omissions protection helps to cover the cost of claims made by clients due to professional errors that resulted in financial harm.

Other Insurance Considerations

Employment practices liability coverage protects against many unwanted employee claims. Workers’ compensation covers your workers when injured and also protects your company from liability.

Speak with your insurance agent to ensure you get the best IT business liability coverage to protect your investment.