Insurance for Employers in Marine Industries

Employer’s liability coverage is one of the most important types of insurance out there, both for businesses who might have exposure to liability that isn’t covered under traditional workers compensation policies and for those whose operations lie outside jurisdictions where workers comp is required. For those in maritime industries, specialized marine liability insurance is frequently a better choice than a more general employment liability policy, too, because maritime industries have exposure to risks that other industries simply don’t encounter. Protecting your employees is important, after all, so you need to be sure that your liability insurance covers everything you do.

Finding the Right Liability Insurance Provider

When your employees operate on another company’s vessel, MEL is especially important. As this resource provided by Merrimac Marine Insurance explains, this applies to many operations at sea, including artisan contractors making improvements to vessels at sea, those working on scientific research, and those involved in the oil and gas industry offshore. In many of these cases, the operation happens outside the range of regular workers compensation policies in many ways and involves variables that aren’t necessarily predicted by a more generalized liability insurance. That’s why so many companies turn to providers with a wide range of experience covering maritime businesses, as well as the supply line contractors and companies that keep them moving.