How to Teach Volunteers Safe Driving Techniques

Winter weather, hurricane conditions, and flooding can create dangerous road hazards that everyone needs to be prepared for. The best way to promote safe driving habits in your nonprofit’s volunteer drivers is to create safe driving and cell phone policies, provide comprehensive training, and use safe vehicles. Here’s an overview of how you can promote driving safety in your nonprofit’s volunteer force.

Train Effectively

According to VIS, a safety training course geared towards preventing volunteer driving risks can significantly improve drivers’ awareness and instill good driving habits that are critically important when weather conditions are poor. A good program should incorporate elements such as avoiding distractions from phones, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, and careful approaches to offramps.

Ensure that Vehicles are Safe

When you’re providing vehicles for your volunteers to use, you have to ensure that they’re safe and equipped for poor driving conditions. All vehicles need to be inspected annually, but it’s also important to make sure that someone on your staff is responsible for getting the vehicle serviced regularly.

Cancel Driving in Poor Conditions When Possible

Unless your volunteers are providing essential services, it may be best to cancel or reschedule a planned driving activity. To the extent that you can, keep your volunteers off the road when conditions are especially dangerous.