How To Keep A Clean Laundromat

When you run a laundromat you want to appeal to as many customers as possible, and one way that you can set yourself apart from the competition is maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. You already use the best laundry wash formula you know of, but what are some ways to keep your facility really clean?

Sanitize Equipment

As a public facility where people bring the dirties items they own, there can be a lot of bacteria and germs hiding in the washers and dryers. Make it part of your weekly or monthly routine to go through each piece of equipment and properly wash, rinse and sanitize the insides and control panels as well.

Mop And Sweep

Lint, powdered soap and things like buttons and strings tend to collect on laundromat floors. Prevent the risk of injury by cleaning up any messes or spills you see o the floors.

Double-Check Your Insurance Policies

Even if you hope to not need it, it’s good to know where you stand with your business insurer and whether or not your needs still fit. To protect your employees and your business, contact your local insurance agent. If you’re still left with burning questions, look at for more information.

A cleanroom is a happy room. Make your business the second-happiest place on Earth by keeping cleanliness and tidiness as your major selling points.