How Does Post Accident Drug Testing Work?

While less than half of all employers require drug testing prior to starting, post accident drug testing is the norm in the vast majority of cases. Not only does it help paint a clearer picture of the causes of an accident, it also helps to establish whether employees involved in accidents are taking risks that affect the safety of the entire workplace. A post accident drug test is a bit different from most pre-employment tests because it is more comprehensive than the three or five panel tests preferred for most pre-employment screening processes.

Accurately Detecting Cannabis Metabolites

Since cannabis has an uneven regulatory landscape in today’s national commercial environment, the inclusion of cannabis testing has become controversial. Like alcohol, it can contribute to accidents, but it remains detectable in standard urine panels for weeks after the impairment ends. That is why accurate methods that measure the active metabolites indicating intoxication are essential to modern post accident tests.

Workers’ Compensation and Drug Use

Drug use does not automatically exclude workers from filing compensation claims after an accident any more than a worker being otherwise responsible does. While employers may choose to minimize risks by keeping those employees from returning, claims are designed to help get workers back on their feet, not to judge how an accident happened. It can help you understand how accidents happen so you can better prevent them in the future, however.