Gain and Keep Clients with Staffing Insurance

Many business owners want to work with staffing agencies to decrease their workload, fill in temporary positions or to try out employees before hiring. But these same owners want to make sure that the staffing firm they use also has the right insurances in place. Employment agency insurance works specifically for the needs of staffing firms.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is a requirement in many states and can result in a fine. Protecting your employees whether full-time or temporary is crucial to doing business. The insurance helps them if they are hurt or become ill while on the job.

General Liability

Most businesses benefit from a general liability insurance policy and staffing firms are no exception. Client’s may have a risk management policy in place requiring their business partners to also have general liability insurance. This helps them mitigate their own risks as well as yours.

Professional Liability

If your staffing firm offers specialized staff, it is a good idea to have professional liability insurance. Other professionals in information technology, law, medicine and accounting all benefit from a professional liability policy or malpractice insurance.

Speak with an insurance agent trained in employment agency insurance to see what insurance needs your staffing firm has. Annually evaluate your coverage or when something changes that affect your insurance needs.