Food Liability in Bars

Bar food means different things to different people. To some, the term brings to mind plates of French fries, potato chips, and other salty fare that pairs well with beer. To others, it connotes an entire meal from soup to nuts. Whatever it may entail at your establishment, specialty bar & pub insurance covers the liability that comes with serving food to the public.

Spoiled Food

Despite your best practices and adherence to local health codes, some food spoilage is inevitable. Causes can range from employee negligence to faulty refrigeration. Food liability coverage protects you in case someone becomes sick after eating a dish you serve.


Food allergies have been on the rise for the past decade, and experts estimate that 32 million Americans have at least one. With that many people affected, chances are good that one of them could have an allergic reaction after eating at your bar.


The more services an establishment offers, the more possible situations there are in which a customer can become injured. Examples include being burned by hot food or slipping on a wet floor.

Running a bar can be a fulfilling way to make a living. Just be sure that you are protected from liability with additional coverage if you serve food.