Don’t Be Fooled, You Need Cyber Insurance

Don’t Be Fooled, You Need Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability coverage protects your business in case of a data breach or cyber-attack. If you’ve turned on the news in the last couple of years, no doubt you’ve seen massive corporations fall victim to cyber-crime. Unfortunately, this has fed into the misconception that cyber threats are only a threat to major corporations. The truth is that small businesses are victim more often and no business is safe without cyber coverage insurance companies on its side. If you thought you weren’t at risk, it’s time to debunk the biggest myth behind cyber insurance.

Only Web Stores Need Protection

Some businesses assume that if they don’t have a site for customers to make online purchases then they are safe. The truth is that if any of your data is computerized, then you are at risk. Often, a data breach may result in client or employee personal info being leaked. This can serve identity theft or financial theft. It can happen within a company or from an external phishing scheme.

There are specific coverages for those who have web stores, but they are not the only companies at risk. Everyone nowadays uses modern technology. While you don’t want to shy away from technology to help with your business, you do need to rely on cyber coverage insurance companies to help manage your risks.

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