Does Your Shipyard Coverage Include Boat Cleaning Insurance

Insurance for boat repair facilities, shipyards, dockyards, and other sites where repair work is conducted all have a few common needs. Hull coverage, property liability, and third-party coverage for workmanship issues are among them. One easy to overlook but essential piece of the puzzle for any business that maintains or repairs boats is cleaning insurance. Boat cleaning insurance protects you against mishaps during the cleaning process, including damage to the hull and other unique risks that come with applying cleaning agents, high pressure washers, and other tools to task.

Get a Quote on Complete Shipyard Coverage

Cleaning insurance is an important piece of coverage, especially if you offer cleaning services as a stand-alone package, apart from repair that happens after the cleaning. That might not be the only overlooked piece of the puzzle, though. Marine insurance is complex, and the risk management needs of shipyards and repair facilities can quickly outgrow your policy if you have recently added services or expanded your site.

When you check out your options for boat cleaning insurance, it just makes sense to do a full insurance review and to compare quotes. So who do you call for that quote? It makes sense to take a look at the providers with the longest experience and most complete marine insurance programs. Those are the players most likely to fully anticipate your needs.