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  • How Does Post Accident Drug Testing Work?

    While less than half of all employers require drug testing prior to starting, post accident drug testing is the norm in the vast majority of cases. Not only does it help paint a clearer picture of the causes of an accident, it also helps to establish whether employees involved in accidents are taking risks that affect the safety of the… read more

  • How To Choose a Limousine Insurance Carrier

    Professional drivers know that protecting a vehicle is just as important as protecting oneself from the financial costs of liability for an accident. Insurance for taxi and limousine drivers just is not complete unless it handles both issues, and limousine insurance carriers understand this. That is why they build programs to suit individual drivers and limousine fleets alike. The question… read more

  • Why DJs Need to Carry Insurance

    Being a DJ can be a fun and inspiring line of work. You get to set the mood for parties, participate in all sorts of diverse and exciting events, and be at the center of a unique musical and artistic scene. Still, it is important to remember the potential liabilities that come with DJing. To best protect your business —… read more

  • Planned Responses to Cyber Breaches

    A cyber breach can be a near-catastrophic event for any type of business. Unfortunately, no companies are safe from the ever-present threat of cybercrime. They need to have their guard up at all times and be ready to mount a rapid response at the first indication of a breach. Establishing a comprehensive cyber breach response plan gives businesses a playbook… read more

  • Avoid a Staffing Labor Shortage With Fair Pay Practices

    We are currently experiencing what is being called the Great Resignation. In November 2021 alone, 4.5 million United States workers quit their jobs, leaving businesses unable to sufficiently attract and retain staff. This event is occurring for a variety of reasons, but what can an individual business do to reduce their unwilling participation in this historical event? Here are a… read more

  • What Is Educational Malpractice?

    Most people are familiar with the word malpractice. It’s generally associated with doctors and refers to a physician making a mistake in diagnosing or treating a medical problem. The doctor can then be sued by the patient for damages. Some people may also realize that lawyers can also be held liable for malpractice. Less commonly known, teachers, educators, and scholastic… read more

  • How To Properly Maintain and Manage a Golf Course

    Operating a golf course can come with a lot of responsibility. Though you are offering a spacer where people can come to relax and enjoy some free time during otherwise hectic work weeks, you still need to think about all of the tasks involved in keeping the green as lush and playable as possible. Though there are many angles to… read more

  • Practical Considerations About Planning Your Retirement in Your 30s

    During your 30s, you may still be working on advancing your career. However this is an important time to be thinking about how your long-term professional goals impact your plans to retire. Take Full Advantage of Employer Contributions If you work for a company that offers any type of matching for contributions that you make to a 401(k) or IRA… read more

  • Gaining Perspective on the Classification of Temporary Workers

    Operating businesses within certain industries can make it difficult for owners to understand certain details. For example, workers usually fall into distinct categories that dictate everything from payroll to insurance coverage. Should an employee be incorrectly categorized, however, it can lead to major ramifications for your company. To avoid this, you need to take time to think over a few… read more

  • How To Use Modern Photography Concepts To Move Real Estate

    Selling property is not as easy as many people assume. Even at a time when more people than ever before are looking to buy and sell real estate, there are some spaces that can prove almost impossible to move. Thankfully, there are a handful of tricks you can employ to get people interested in what you’ve got to offer. One… read more