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  • Tips for Landing a Job After College

    Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. But when the celebrations end, that’s when the real work begins. Finding a job after college is not easy and can be discouraging if you don’t know what to do. So, here are some tips for landing a job after college that will help you. Things To Do Before You Apply Create a… read more

  • Trimming Your Auto Insurance Costs

    If you’re like most people, finding the right auto insurance policy means finding the most affordable one that meets your needs. As the costs to own, operate and maintain a vehicle continue to increase over the years, you’ll want to minimize the cost of insuring your car as much as possible. Credit Where It’s Due When your goal is saving… read more

  • Minimizing the Effects of Heat on EV Batteries

    While you may already know that batteries struggle in cold weather, you may not realize that the effects of heat are just as serious. In many cases, heat can be a bigger problem. It leads to battery drain and can shorten the life expectancy of even high-quality batteries. This is of particular concern to many electric vehicle drivers. Here’s a… read more

  • Find an Insurance Plan That Reflects Your Actual Needs

    When it comes to selecting the right insurance, there are several challenges that might not be initially apparent. Though the circumstances of your life might be arranged in a very specific way now, you never know when matters will change and make your coverage less useful than it once was. In order to avoid this, you might want to consider… read more

  • Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Business

    If company vehicles are used for a significant part of your enterprise’s operations, you likely understand the value of commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance provides a level of protection to business vehicles, protecting your (and others’) property, as well as drivers, pedestrians, and other potential damage sites. But commercial auto insurance is important not just for company vehicles. A… read more

  • What Insurance Does a Financial Institution Need?

    Like any other type of business, financial institutions need to protect themselves when working with the public or other businesses. Due to the volatile nature of the industry, it is important for banks and other businesses that deal with high volumes of money to have financial institution insurance. There are several types of coverages available. Types of Insurance For Financial… read more

  • Why Restaurants Need Premises Liability Insurance

    Restaurant owners have a lot of responsibilities. Preparing quality food, staffing appropriately and maintaining a clean dining room are often top of the list. There is one aspect of restaurant ownership that may be overlooked: having the right premises liability insurance. What Is It? It’s important for any business owner to carry premises liability insurance. This type of insurance will… read more

  • The Difference Between D O and Public Officials Liability Insurance

    Employers of high-ranking professionals understand that protecting them from liability is the only way to keep talented individuals in their positions. Whether employers offer this protection with directors and officers or public officials liability insurance depends on the type of institution they manage. Here is the difference between the two types of policies. Directors and Officers Liability D & O… read more

  • A Short Guide To Valet Insurance

    Valet parking has grown significantly in popularity within the past couple of decades. Parking spaces are slowly diminishing more and more and this has lead to more people willing to pay for a service to park their car for them. Unfortunately, this surge in valet parking popularity comes with an increase in the rates of accidents, theft, and vandalism. This… read more

  • What Is Vicarious Liability?

    Vicarious liability in real estate is something that every agency or brokerage should be aware of, as it can affect its financial wellbeing. If an agent that is working for the company is found guilty of misrepresentation in any way, not only can the agent be held liable, but the agency as well, even if there was no prior knowledge… read more