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  • Find an Insurance Plan That Reflects Your Actual Needs

    When it comes to selecting the right insurance, there are several challenges that might not be initially apparent. Though the circumstances of your life might be arranged in a very specific way now, you never know when matters will change and make your coverage less useful than it once was. In order to avoid this, you might want to consider… read more

  • How Does Post Accident Drug Testing Work?

    While less than half of all employers require drug testing prior to starting, post accident drug testing is the norm in the vast majority of cases. Not only does it help paint a clearer picture of the causes of an accident, it also helps to establish whether employees involved in accidents are taking risks that affect the safety of the… read more

  • Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Business

    If company vehicles are used for a significant part of your enterprise’s operations, you likely understand the value of commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance provides a level of protection to business vehicles, protecting your (and others’) property, as well as drivers, pedestrians, and other potential damage sites. But commercial auto insurance is important not just for company vehicles. A… read more

  • Why You Need Commercial Fleet Insurance

    If you operate a business that requires a number of vehicles, you certainly know the value of your fleet. Your vehicles are the lifeblood of your company, and it takes a lot to keep them in good order: regular maintenance, competent drivers, problem-solving when necessary. To be sure your vehicles — and your business — are as protected as possible,… read more

  • How To Choose a Limousine Insurance Carrier

    Professional drivers know that protecting a vehicle is just as important as protecting oneself from the financial costs of liability for an accident. Insurance for taxi and limousine drivers just is not complete unless it handles both issues, and limousine insurance carriers understand this. That is why they build programs to suit individual drivers and limousine fleets alike. The question… read more

  • A Short Guide To Police Officer Insurance

    If you work in law enforcement, you may be facing more risk than you think.  Most individuals working in law enforcement are aware of the physical risks they face, such as bodily harm and even potentially death.  However, there is also a certain amount of financial risk to consider when working in law enforcement.  For example, if you accidentally use… read more

  • Why DJs Need to Carry Insurance

    Being a DJ can be a fun and inspiring line of work. You get to set the mood for parties, participate in all sorts of diverse and exciting events, and be at the center of a unique musical and artistic scene. Still, it is important to remember the potential liabilities that come with DJing. To best protect your business —… read more

  • What Insurance Does a Financial Institution Need?

    Like any other type of business, financial institutions need to protect themselves when working with the public or other businesses. Due to the volatile nature of the industry, it is important for banks and other businesses that deal with high volumes of money to have financial institution insurance. There are several types of coverages available. Types of Insurance For Financial… read more

  • A Short Guide To Commercial Auto Insurance

    If you are one of the many businesses in the United States that utilizes vehicles for business purposes, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for everything that could go wrong.  From car crashes to theft/vandalism, there are a lot of things that could occur involving your vehicle that could cost you a lot of money.  Luckily,… read more

  • Group Life Insurance Is a Key Benefit for Employees

    Group life insurance is a core benefit offered by many businesses, and your company can find a cost-effective program that will add to your team’s satisfaction. Businesses typically offer group term life insurance, a one-contract model that covers multiple employees. The term is usually the period of employment. An employer pays the cost of basic coverage, often established by salary.… read more