3 Reasons To Keep Volunteers Engaged

Anyone who has worked in the nonprofit sector is aware of the prevalence of volunteers. Unfortunately, many times volunteers feel underappreciated or overlooked. Consider these three reasons to keep your volunteers engaged and active within organizational operations.

1. They Provide a Valuable Service

They perform countless hours of work, bringing a diverse skill set to organizations that might not be able to afford such professional services otherwise. A few examples include:

  • Bookkeeping and financial audits
  • Driving clients to appointments
  • Making deliveries
  • Answering phone and emails
  • Preparing correspondence

2. Volunteers Contribute to Your Company’s Visibility

In many cases, volunteers are the first people from your organization that outsiders meet. If you utilize them in community relations or direct client work, they are even more visible. Investing in their happiness and supporting their success ensures that you put the organization’s best foot forward when interacting with the community.

3. They Are Potential Donors

While many nonprofit managers fail to make this connection, volunteers are also potential donors. They are already demonstrating a commitment to your organization, and oftentimes it only takes an ask to convert them to financial supporters. The more included and valued they feel, the more likely they are to make that transition.

Volunteers are a valuable part of most nonprofit organizations. Invest in their success and work to reengage inactive volunteers to make the most of this asset.